Beyond Billables

We’re championing a better legal profession, beyond billables.

For Lawyers 

We help lawyers move beyond billables to better careers and better lives.

Through our podcast, our blog, our programs like the “escape plan”, or having our support through personal coaching, we empower lawyers to have great careers beyond billables.

For Legal Businesses

We help legal businesses move beyond billables with great content, brand and strategy to attract more work and connect across the industry.

Content, social media marketing, strategy and collaboration.  Tap into our deep industry knowledge and unrivalled platform.


Leaving your old rut behind is not just possible, it’s totally doable.

No more “I’m stuck and there’s no way out”.

The Escape Plan is here to change that.

Whether “Up”, or “Out” we’ll give you the tools and support to make real change.

Online or in person, we’re breaking lawyers out of their ruts to a better career and life.

The Escape Plan

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Lawyers, check out these innovative firms who are changing law for the better.

If you’re like them, let’s chat about how we can make your firm standout.


It’s chock full of options, stories, podcasts and everything to start your journey to something better.

No more “I don’t know what else I can do”. Grab the ebook, read and listen to the podcasts, and you’ll know a lot more about your options.