Beyond Billable’s Top 10 of 2017!

The champagne headaches are barely over from New Year so we thought we still have time to reflect on the articles and pods that everyone loved in 2017! So here they are, the top 10 articles and pods chosen completely based on how many people read and listened! Who says quantity and quality can’t go together? Check it out (in no particular order!), you may have missed something that could make a big difference to your 2018!

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Maddie Livesey on the Beyond Billables Podcast

“I think I was looking to let out my creativity in other ways, I think I am quite a creative person.  I also had a real interest in fashion and my sister and I started an online store and blog, called Boutique HQ, and we also were interested in learning about affiliate marketing platforms […] and I think having that side interest and being able to demonstrate that little bit of entrepreneurialism helped me get the job at The General Store.”

Advice to junior lawyers: 3 things I did that you shouldn’t copy


How could this not make the top 10.  Seriously.

Brad Vinning on the Beyond Billables Podcast

“And low and behold, it was really interesting.  The sort of work that they were doing was really interesting, and it wasn’t just full of lawyers and accountants and recruiters necessarily when you would go to an event.  It’d be full of people who were passionate about what they were doing, and I just took my lawyer hat off and got involved, going ‘tell me about your business, this is fascinating…'”

Law made me fat (and other lies I told myself)

You may have picked up on a core principle of Beyond Billables; the need for action. For me, that action has manifested itself in my somehow becoming a Martial Artist. Maybe my story can help you find something you can be passionate about as well, or reclaim something you’ve lost.

Nadine Champion on the Beyond Billables Podcast

Champion by name, champion by nature, Nadine truly is an inspiration. Listen to learn more about her story.


Lawyers: Do more stuff you love!

So many lawyers are “too busy”. Too busy to look after their health. Too busy to do a meditation. We use this “busy-ness” to justify missing out on doing the things we love.

Jerome Doraisamy on the Beyond Billables Podcast

Jerome is a lawyer and author of The Wellness Doctrines for Law Students and Young Lawyers – a hugely successful self-help book. Having suffered through mental health issues himself, he isn’t afraid to tackle the stigma that comes with it.

Leaving the law: 24 realistic alternative careers for lawyers


Jasmine O’Brien on the Beyond Billables Podcast

“What I like to do is incorporate the things I like to do in my day, as part of the day, rather than thinking ‘well work has ended, I get to do fun things now’


Where the bloody hell are you?!

You see, you can’t move forward and live your values, without knowing exactly where you are at the present. So, it’s a critical first step to work out where you’re at (and how you got there).


Let us know your Top 10 for 2017 in the comments!


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