Personal Coaching and Development


We help lawyers improve their career, find more balance in life, and make the most of their opportunities.

Feeling stuck and unsure of what else you can do?

Our Alternative Careers for Lawyers ebook just came out! It’s full of real options and stories of people who have made them a success. We’ve included podcasts and references so you can take a deep dive.


We all want to get ahead while also ensuring we don’t sacrifice our health or relationships.

This can be increasingly hard so we’ve designed an online program you can do in your own time to help you be a healthier, happier and more fulfilled professional.

Online learning, videos, audio, webinars and workbooks to do in your own time. Depending on your level of membership you’ll either get a big discount, or completely free access!

Coming Mid 2018 check our preview out here.

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You’ll see we are giving away a lot of DIY content to improve people’s profiles and digital presence.

In addition, as a Connect member you’ll also gain access to our comprehensive 18-pg Linkedin for Lawyers guide which will assist you in building a profile that converts the way you need it to!

You’ll receive first-hand assistance from Mike and Maciek to ensure your brand is up to scratch.


Some of the many areas we will help you with include:

  • Review time advice and strategy for getting the best deal possible and positioning yourself moving forward.
  • Working through your options and developing a plan if you are considering change.
  • Creating a business plan if you are looking to progress or move your business to another firm.
  • Organising your life to achieve balance and connecting you with our partners to assist where you need it.
  • Creating a career plan every year, setting goals and moving forward in whatever direction you choose.

So what are your options?

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Your personal coach – 4 x one-on-one coaching sessions with Mike or Maciek each year.
  • Monthly catch-up call
  • Free Membership to BB Connect.
  • Personalised CV update.
  • Personalised CV update.
  • Ongoing email and phone support.
  • 15% discount off all our upcoming CPD courses.

$199/mth join here.

For Senior Lawyers looking to branch out

  • Your personal coach – 6 annual one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Social media marketing and content consulting package.
  • Feedback and help on client branding including competitor analysis.
  • 4 pieces of written blog content to help build your brand and standout as a thought leader.
  • Full personal branding and marketing strategy consulting.
  • All our paid ebooks for free.
  • Special welcome gift and offers.
  • 30% discount off all our upcoming online CPD programs.

Inquire here.

For partners and senior lawyers looking to start their own practice.

Are you a partner looking to grow their practice, or a senior lawyer wanting to start out on your own?

We are offering a very limited amount of senior lawyers the chance to have our help growing their brand and attracting more work. Whether you simply need a sounding board to develop strategy, or someone to help you implement, we are here to help. We can help you create a great personal or company brand, and implement strategies to help you attract more work.

We understand that your career doesn’t exist in a vacuum and work with you to help manage the juggle of life in and outside work. As fathers and family men we have lived the struggle of trying to find balance and are determined to help other professionals with families not just develop great careers and practices, but more rewarding lives.

 We want to work with everyone on a needs basis, so get in touch and let’s sit down to chat about how we might be able to support you and tailor our assistance to help you reach your goals in and outside the office.

Have a few questions? We’re happy to answer them!