Connect with Helix Legal – 3+ Years Experience, Construction Super Stars


March 12, 2018
Apply for job

Apply for job

Job Overview

The basics –

  • We specialise in construction and energy but, working at Helix Legal is not as much about the areas of law we do, but rather how we do it.
  • We are a diverse team full of people who think differently and come together to create great solutions.
  • We will teach you to fish. That means giving you the tools, resources, guidance and training that will empower you to become a happy, skilled and confident member of the team.

Why you’ll love us

  • We don’t bill time! We collaborate together to create outstanding solutions for clients. We hate the billable unit as much as you do!
  • We are completely cloud based which means we have the ability to work from absolutely anywhere. We collaborate within a co-working space where the contribution of all team members is respected.

The process.

  • Reach out and connect with us to start a conversation.
  • We have high expectations with a real focus on quality and consistency so our process dives deep into what drives you and how you create value.
  • We’re continuously open to growing the practice and bringing in senior people so if you are interested to find out more simply drop us a line.
  • We’ll be posting our articles on our company page so keep an eye out.