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February 15, 2018
Apply for job

Apply for job

Job Overview

The basics –

  • For us it’s all about being compelling, differentiated and adding value in all that we do.
  • We’re an innovative practice with a variety of opportunities available for junior and senior lawyers open to incorporate Blue Ocean strategy in their practice.

Why you’ll love us

  • If you’re a senior lawyer looking to set up your own practice, or someone already out on their own who would like a platform of support and a different way to do things.
  • If you want to be a true expert in a given area and set yourself apart from your competition.
  • We offer an extremely generous revenue share model, technical and IT support and our brand whether you want to come under the Blue Ocean umbrella, or keep your own firm name but be an affiliate of ours.
  • If you want to explore how Blue Ocean Strategy can add value to your practice and create a new source of work.

The process.

  • Reach out and connect with us on linkedin or apply here to start a conversation.
  • We have high expectations with a real focus on quality and consistency so our process dives deep into what drives you and how you create value.
  • We’re continuously open to growing the practice and bringing in senior people so if you are interested to find out more simply drop us a line.
  • We’ll be posting our articles on our company page so keep an eye out.