Myth: Intermittent fasting is hard

Myth: Intermittent fasting is hard

Part of what it means to live Beyond Billables is getting it together with our diet, as much as with everything else! Eat well, feel well and, usually, (usually!) life becomes a bit easier to navigate.

I’ve always struggled with my weight. I’ve always been super active and, as much as I may train like a maniac, I tend to bulk up before I’ve even realised it. And by “bulk” I mean “chub”. No excuses. Fat in all the wrong areas, can’t fit into my suit pants, need a new wardrobe chub. I’m actually pretty remarkable; I can put a solid 10 kilos on in about 2 months if I really let things get wild. I can also drop it in the same amount of time.

So part of “being my better self” has been about claiming back control of what goes in my mouth, and thereby how I feel. For me, the better I eat, the better I feel. The better I feel, the better I look. It’s an unfortunate reality that eating poorly makes me unhappy. What’s even more messed up is the fact that sometimes I’ve been known to hit the chocolate ice-cream in search of happiness (ok, maybe ice cream in my rum and cokes…) It’s the eternal cycle, which requires breaking.

So, why am I talking about diet?

I started intermittent fasting (again) 12 days ago. It’s going well. By well, I mean I haven’t killed anyone in hunger rage so far, and I’ve only been seriously hangry once. Each day, I fast for 16 hours and eat for 8. Well, in theory anyway. Most days, I fast for 17 – 18 hours and my “feeding window” is about 6-7 hours. Intermittent fasting has honestly been pretty damn easy. I can take one bad day and a few hunger pangs as the trade-off for feeling a huge amount of energy rushing back.

I hear you asking: “Why with your amazing squishy dad bod are you doing it?” Well, I’m keen to test out my Jiu Jitsu purple belt at the Queensland State Championships in July. That gives me about 7 weeks to get back to fighting in the light heavy category (88.2kg with my gi on). I have to drop about 10 kilos and get back to walking around at 85 to be comfy that I’ll come in under that weight with a heavy gi on. Also, I’d love to get to the Worlds in Vegas in late August – so I need to hit peak fitness for the craps table!

I do have another reason why. I’m testing myself again and practising what I preach. I walked around at that weight for 5 years before I blew my meniscus out and piled the excuses (I mean, weight) on again. So, here I am taking small actions to make my life better.

How have I really felt whilst fasting?

Honestly, I’ve felt pretty hungry at times – but with a serious case of positive hulk rage in my training. To put it another way, I feel strong and motivated. Instead of falling asleep at my desk each afternoon, I’m getting some big energy peaks. I feel like I can rip heads off… In a good way! I’ve had one poor night’s rest, which was work-related. I woke up at 2 am and wrote for 2 hours… Sometimes creativity strikes and you need to go with it. But other than that, I’m sleeping well.

I train at lunch every day, so I’ve been training fasted. I’ve felt awesome for all but one training session. No energy drop off, no issues with power – just my usual self, but better.

Why Intermittent Fasting?

I like intermittent fasting because it’s easy. I can reason with myself that I’m just cutting out 7 meals and 7 snacks a week. If I can eat the rest of the day as usual, then I’m cutting out at least 20% of my ordinary dietary intake. I’ve done intermittent fasting once before (about 2 years ago) to look good for a Bali trip… Ok, to fit back into my boardies. I was scared about being too hungry and therefore being hangry, so I delayed giving it another go. But I’m glad I have, as it has been easier than it was the first time around.

The rest of my diet is solid. I have mostly cut refined sugar out. Though it does sneak back in with a bit of dark chocolate and the odd coffee in the afternoon. But you gotta live a little! I have to also confess that I’m still drinking pretty regularly… I should fix this, but getting through “the witching hour” (kids dinner, bath time and bedtime ritual) without a drink has been something I’ve always struggled with! I’ll get on top of that this week – I promise. You guys can hold me accountable!

I’ve been pretty active on the Instagram stories lately. Unlike the Insta-famous bikini models, I prefer to show a realistic behind-the-scenes of my life and what goes on in the Beyond Billables office. So, if you’re sick of watching celebrity Insta stories that make you feel like crap, tune into @beyondbillables and say hi.

What’s this got to do with making lawyers better?

We’re not about giving you better drafting skills. Seriously, that stuff is so boring. We are about helping you make change and embracing the concept of “better” – whatever that is for you. We’re human too, so join us on the journey Beyond Billables.

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