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What's Lexoo?

For lawyers, Lexoo means freedom, the chance to work with great clients, and greater control over your career. It means you don’t have to give up your own practice but can supplement your work time with contracting gigs through Lexoo, giving you another source of work without the pain (and cost) of business development.

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Who should connect with us?

  • Lawyers with over 5 Years’ experience at a leading, top tier firm or in-house.
  • Sole practitioners looking for contract work to supplement their practice.
  • Professionals who have worked with exceptional clients, are down to earth and easy to talk to.
“We never aim to have hundreds of lawyers on the platform. We meet with every lawyer, check their expertise, practising status, insurance and former clients, and once they’re [on the] platform they are rated and reviewed by every client they work for.”


Lexoo Australia Panel Member, 5+ Years Experience, Top Firm / In-house

The Basics Connect with us to discuss becoming part of the Lexoo panel. For outstanding lawyers entitled to practice independently with at least 5 years experience at a top firm or in-house legal team. Lawyers must have the right to practice …

Insights & Articles

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