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What's Helix Legal?

Helix Legal is a growing Construction focused law firm that is embracing change like few others in the industry. The Helix team is built on an amazing mix of talented lawyers and industry professionals who work collaboratively to deliver outstanding solutions for their clients. The Helix team take a big-picture look at complex matters and distill the solution down into plain English and a clear plan. They operate on a pure project based fee basis with no billables at all.

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Who should connect with us?

  • Lawyers with over 3 Years’ experience in Construction or Projects at a leading, top tier firm or in-house.
  • Sole practitioners looking for contract work to supplement their practice.
  • Construction Industry Professionals who have worked with exceptional clients, are down to earth and easy to talk to.
  • Law firms and legal service providers looking to collaborate, share work or just find out more about us!
“We aren’t here to rewrite the law – we’re here to change the way legal services are delivered. ”


Connect with Helix Legal – 3+ Years Experience, Construction Super Stars

The basics – We specialise in construction and energy but, working at Helix Legal is not as much about the areas of law we do, but rather how we do it. We are a diverse team full of people who think …

Insights & Articles

How Lawyers Can Find Happiness at Work

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Janelle Kerrisk on Founding a NewLaw Firm, Balance and Finding a Way to Be Happy

Meet Janelle Kerrisk. After establishing a successful career as a construction lawyer and partner with Holding Redlich, Janelle struck out on her own co-founding, and ultimately becoming the director, of Helix Legal. She left her comfort zone, rode the entrepreneurial roller …

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