8 signs that you might not need career management

Career Management for Lawyers

If you are new to our website, you might not be aware that we offer career management for lawyers. For many lawyers, our career management services aren’t going to be very useful. You won’t find what we have to say interesting, and you’re probably better off spending your time and money elsewhere. Seriously, our career management is for anyone, but not everyone.

It doesn’t hurt our feelings if the content we’re sharing doesn’t resonate with you, if you think Mike talks too much about himself, or if you just don’t like our style. It would be more disappointing for us to aim for the middle of the road, trying to appeal to every Tom, Dick and Harry with a law degree.

Instead, we’re doing something different; we’re trying to shake up the legal profession, give lawyers power over their careers and lives, and help lawyers to make a change. As career managers for lawyers, we aim to build a long-term relationship with you, where we can help in various aspects of your career and life – but, frankly, not everyone will need that help.

So, we got to thinking… Why might Beyond Billables not be for you? If you tick all 10 boxes then this means you’re doing great, so don’t change anything!

Right now, you’re completely happy in your legal career and in your life.

Being completely content is awesome. This is what we would love everyone to become when we are helping them, so if you’re already there then that is great. Continually striving for self-improvement is something we’re big on, so have a read of some of our previous blog posts and see if there is anything that sparks your interest.

You feel like you’re on track with the way your legal career is progressing.

You’re really clear about career progression, you have everything lined up internally and you are completely comfortable with how you are tracking.

You have enough support and guidance within your firm or your network.

I had a great mentor as a junior lawyer; he basically told me in no uncertain terms that it was time for me to change my career path. Maybe you’re not quite in the same position, but you have heaps of internal support and feel comfortable going to a mentor to work through problems.

You’re not interested in a healthy lifestyle.

Maybe you are happy cruising along, you’re already really active and right on top of things and wouldn’t get any value from tips and hacks on becoming a healthier professional.

You are just cruising along and can’t be bothered engaging in anything else.

The “I have enough on my plate” reason. I can relate to this. It can be daunting to make decisions and embrace new things. So don’t – if it’s too taxing to read more or take anything else in, simply don’t do it. You’ve had enough of reading, had enough of learning, and just want to be left on your own to grind things out.

You don’t really trust anything that comes within a hundred miles of “career management”.

As lawyers we’re trained to be sceptical, I get it. Who am I to help you, right? While this does nothing to deal with the underlying point that you might need a helping hand, it is a natural first reaction. If you check us out, and you don’t trust us, then we encourage you to run the other way. Unless you allow us to earn your trust, we won’t be able to fully work together to make your career better.

You’re not interested in any of the content we put out for free.

You’re not interested in paying for anything, and not even interested in the stuff you’re not paying for! Maybe you have a mailbox full of advice, or maybe you are all blogged/podcasted out. That’s cool. We’ll still be here when you’re ready.

You wouldn’t go along to a free event, you’ve got better things to do than drink our beer.

We will soon be holding events and other meet-ups to do cool stuff. We are big on doing, and not so big on just talking about it. We plan to have events on Artificial Intelligence and the Law, Technology, Health and Wellness and other such meet-ups to help build connection and a sense of community around the Beyond Billables movement. If you hate those social types of things, don’t want to learn anything else or don’t want to be part of anything, then it is certainly not for you.

They’re all great reasons. Especially the last one – because the more beer you drink, the less there is for me.

In all seriousness, if you tick all these boxes, please move along, champ. Go and enjoy the awesome life you are living! Without any hint of sarcasm, you are actually a great example of where most people want to be. We’re happy if you pop your head in every so often or want to be kept in the loop, but we won’t hold our breath. We’d probably be interested in interviewing you on the podcast, so please feel free to get in touch!

If you don’t tick all these boxes just yet, we certainly hope we can help you to do so in the future. Pop your details in the box below to stay up to date with the latest happenings at Beyond Billables.

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