“Alternative Careers for Lawyers” ebook!


If you’re a lawyer who’s stuck, or a law student who doesn’t want to be, this is for you.

The book is full of options and stories of real people who have made the change (and made it successfully!).

  • Practical Options (dolphin trainer isn’t one of them!!!)
  • Stories and commentary on making successful change.
  • Podcast links and further references to dive deep.

Grab the book! We hope it helps you find a career you love.

This isn’t your normal boring “guide” of career options.

We’ve brought together stories and our podcast to create a reference point for thinking about your career beyond big law. It’s designed not just to be read, but for you to be inspired by the stories you will hear.

Throughout the book, as long as you have an IOS11 or Android device there are QR codes so you can go directly to the right podcast episodes. All in all, there’s dozens of hours of content referenced in the book that is at your fingertips.