We’re hell bent on changing the way lawyers approach their careers by embracing opportunity and putting individuals first again. To do that, we want to both empower lawyers, and help growing legal services businesses reach their full potential. Beyond Billables is the platform of change for everyone in the profession.


Mike is your go-to guy for honesty around your career. As an industrial relations lawyer turned international recruiter, legal career manager and business owner, Mike has a thorough understanding of the processes and pain points on both sides of the employee-firm relationship. As Managing Director of global legal recruitment agency EA International he has spent over 15 years advising the world’s leading firms and lawyers across over 30 countries worldwide. He lives, eats, breathes and dreams self-improvement and alongside Maciek, has built the culture of Beyond Billables on this principle value.

With Beyond Billables Mike is combining his passion for helping lawyers with his extensive experience building standout brands. As a strong believe in the power of connection and collaboration Mike is intent on helping clients attract more work and the best people. As our own social butterfly he also loves the opportunity created when you bring people together and is passionate about the power the industry as a whole has to make real change if it does so together.



Master of the pivot, career nomad, and serial juggler. Maciek took on the roles of lawyer and leading international recruiter before foraying into entrepreneurship with a succession of legal recruitment businesses and side-hustles.

Director of International Markets at EA International, Maciek has assisted many elite Australian and New Zealand lawyers in taking their careers overseas to over 30 jurisdictions world-wide. Combining career movement and management with talent retention, he is one of Australia’s most experienced and successful legal recruitment specialists.

Maciek values personal growth and strives to encourage lawyers to push their boundaries and try new, unexpected ideas that will propel them into their ideal future and self.

As our resident legal-tech enthusiast, he’ll be your point-man for finding out how robots will soon be replacing your job and how to step into a position you really love. Get in touch with Maciek today and arrange for a balanced, healthy, and exciting future.

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Carlia is our resident rock star. In fact, as well as being our Chief of Design, Events and everything Mike doesn’t like doing, Carlia runs her own music promotions business!

We love multi-talented people at BB and in Carlia we have someone who can make beautiful things, and keep us on track. She has both creative prowess and killer organisational skills which translate into a super star events planner and all round office legend.


When history writes it’s story about Zee it will lead with “this guy applied for a job by creating his own podcast”. As our video editing, social media and crazy idea specialist Zee brings experience gained in a number of countries to our awesome team. A lot of people think creativity is in everyone, we tend to think real creativity is much rarer, and we have it in Zee.


Kate is a former lawyer and now expert Vedic Meditation teacher who is not only part of the team but also travels the world helping professionals find balance and fulfilment.
Kate helps us create great video, is a brilliant writer and all around lovely soul who makes an impact on everyone she meets. Having lived and breathed life as a lawyer Kate understands what drives lawyers, what attracts them to opportunities and how business can differentiate themselves to take advantage of this.