10 top secret ways great firms win the recruitment battle

Somehow we’ve spent a third of our lives in recruitment – helping lawyers find new roles, helping firms attract great people, and basically being the conduit to bring everyone together.  It’s pretty scary when I look at the sheer numbers, but we’re talking a thousand or so people in 30 countries and many hundreds of law firm clients.


Over the years the sheer stupidity of the way the recruitment process can operate has brought us to where we are today, trying to turn it on it’s head. In that time though we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t (news flash, not even reading someone’s CV before an interview doesn’t).

We’ve got a really big list and we’ll go into more depth with these over the coming months, but for today here are 10 top secret ways great firms win the recruitment battle.


How great firms scope the best candidates and win the recruitment battle:
  1. They engage with the active and passive marketplace consistently.
  2. They have a great employer brand that makes them standout for the right reasons.
  3. They have a long term plan and don’t always hire reactively.
  4. They invest in the process and take it seriously.
  5. They treat the applicant with respect / prepare for interviews / don’t take phone calls during interviews!!
  6. They create standout copy that let’s applicants know what they are about and puts their best foot forward.
  7. They communicate their process openly.
  8. They give useful and comprehensive feedback.
  9. They communicate openly and don’t leave emails without responses.
  10. They maintain a limited amount of recruitment suppliers who they work with closely.

In the next few months we’ll write lots on each of these (with some horror stories we can share!) so stay tuned.

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