Providing Corporate & Commercial law for startup and emerging business.

What's EA International?

EA International helps lawyers around the world find new roles at Magic Circle and US firms over 30 different countries world wide. We let EA on the platform because we believe people looking to work overseas still need help and guidance, and the EA team are there to provide it.

Working for the leading global players like Allen & Overy, Clifford Chance, Linklaters, Skadden and Milbank for the last 15 years, EA has a long history of helping lawyers find their dream role around the world. Mike & Maciek still take an active role helping individual lawyers looking to move to leading firms and apply their direct and honest approach to the reality of doing so.

As a business EA differs to Beyond Billables as it’s focus is solely on people who want to move internationally to a leading firm with the help of an outstanding consultant.

Who should connect with us?

  • Mid to senior level lawyers with corporate, commercial or IP experience looking to join a small but growing practice
  • We are big on collaboration and focus on pulling together to get the job done.
  • It’s important that you are comfortable mentoring and helping with the development of other team members.
  • We pride ourselves on going above and beyond, so want like minded lawyers committed to protecting their clients interests.
  • We have a track record of creating our own startups like and so love people with a desire to do the same.
  • Given our expertise helping startups and investors you need to have an interest in this space and a commitment to helping business grow.

“The clients that we work with are one of the major benefits of working with Allen Legal. We aim to be the leaders in our part of the industry while helping our clients in becoming the leaders in niche part of their industry!”


Finance Lawyer, 2+ Years Experience, US Firm, Singapore

The basics – Tier 1 US infrastructure powerhouse; Long Established presence in Asia with outstanding partners; Market leading salaries and bonus structure; Tight knit and collaborative team with first class practitioners; and Global focus within emerging markets Who are they? One …

Corporate lawyer, 4-6 Years Experience, Global off-shore firm, cayman islands

The basics – Tier 1 off-shore firm with a leading M&A and Funds practice; Tax free, sunny, beaches, islands, snorkelling, tennis and many, many more wonderful lifestyle options; Must have a top tier background, strong undergraduate results and high end M&A …

Project Finance, 3-9 Years, Global Leader, New York

Nut shell – Tier 1 US infrastructure powerhouse; Market leading salaries and bonus structure; Tight knit and collaborative team with first class practitioners; and Global focus within emerging markets and North America. Who are they? Driven to deliver exceptional results for …

Financial Regulation, 3+ Years, Australian Partner, London

The basics One of the most topical, cutting edge and changing sectors of legal services Be involved with a very broad range of regulatory advice work at a time when Brexit and global regulatory change is creating great opportunity. Financial service, …

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