Programs and CPD Courses

Want to learn something valuable that you can claim CPD points for? We’ve spent the last year developing a range of practical CPD courses for people in Australia. All courses are online and can be completed whenever suits you. We deliver the learning through video, audio, activities and webinars. If you are looking to think differently about your career and avoid the old boring CPD approach get a different perspective with the Beyond Billables programs.



The Beyond Billables 6 Week Program!

Including courses on finding your values, measuring your work-life balance, creating your career action plan, and more.

Take this course to help you manage the stress and intensity of your work. If you feel like you are going through the motions, distracted or simply feel stuck in a job that doesn’t fulfil you then it might be time to re-set and get back into the present moment and step outside those old patterns.


This is a practical hands on course designed to help lawyers be healthier, happier and better at work. We dive deep into the important of wellness to your work product, the science of efficiency and the benefits of having a healthy body that can take you where you want to go career wise.


Stressed at work and no idea how you can keep delivering on your professional expectations while having a life? Keen to know how you can carve out more time and space away from the pull of your work, clients and boss? Well the good news is a lot of being able to do this comes down to your own mindset and the ability to set boundaries.


Working as a lawyer is no easy feat and those that want to maximise their potential and get ahead in their firm will need to adopt a growth mindset and exercise the resilience muscle. This program will help you jump right into the fire of practice and discuss ways to counter fear, build a growth mindset and use entrepreneurial skills as an employee.



Why Our Programs

Apart from helping thousands of lawyers manage their careers by maximising their potential and also assisting a few to pivot the careers in and out of law for a decade now, we have had the opportunity to connect with individuals who have taught us a lot.

Our CPD programs have been concocted after brainstorming for endless hours with these inspirational people only for the benefit of people of our community, like you. We have moved away from the traditional methods of teaching and adapted a more holistic approach that better suits today’s lawyer, the one who is more focussed on achieving work-life balance than the numbers on his paycheque.

There are surely a whole bunch of CPD course providers on the internet, but what differentiates us from the rest is our commitment to a better future – not for us, but for you!