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We’re the misfits hell bent on changing the way lawyers approach their careers by embracing opportunity and putting individuals first again. Most importantly, we’re creating tools and a system to empower lawyers around the world.

Michael Bromley

Mike is your go-to guy for honesty around your career. An accident-prone lawyer turned international recruiter and business owner, Mike is rarely found without a podcast or audiobook in his ears. He lives, eats, breathes and dreams self-improvement. That is, when he’s not rolling around on the floor. He says he’s a purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu, but given his colour blindness, we’re not sure we believe him. Rumor has it that he was booted out of a leading law firm for always writing in red pen (he still claims it was black). Mike is our resident health and fitness nut, responsible for fattening up team BB with his homemade paleo choc-peppermint slice. His big goal is to make lawyers happier and healthier. To lower the rate of depression amongst lawyers by dealing with the underlying issues. Mike is the last person you should ask to hold a ladder or change a lightbulb, but if you’re in need of a some solid career advice then arrange a coffee with him today (and laugh as he spills it all over himself).

Michael Bromley Beyond Billables
Michael Bromley Beyond Billables

Maciek Motylinski

Maciek is a master of the pivot. He’s played the roles of lawyer, leading international recruiter, entrepreneur, beach bum and vintage kombi enthusiast – sometimes all at once. When Maciek isn’t helping lawyers explore fresh perspectives on their careers, he spends his days juggling small kids, even smaller dogs and vintage kombi vans. Some might call Maciek a career nomad. Not content with settling for average, he’s currently on a mission to smash the legal paradigm and get lawyers to think bigger. To explore more fulfilling options. To push their personal boundaries and try something unexpected. Maciek is our resident legal-tech enthusiast, which almost makes up for that time he broke Facebook (and not in the good way). So, if you’re interested in finding out how robots will soon be replacing your job, or how to master your own career pivot, get in touch with Maciek today.

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